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Never let what happened to you as a child
define who you become as an adult

Sibling abuse can be overcome.

53% of all children are being abused by a sibling in the home. It is more common than spousal abuse.

My Five Sisters

A Psychological Thriller based on a true story about multiple personalities

“Get in the oven, now.” “No,” I shake my head, “I don’t want to die.” She shoves me toward the oven, hard, then sneers at me. “You will die either way if you don’t listen to me, so what choice do you have?” None, and I never have a choice...

My Five Sisters is a psychological thriller written by a sibling who was tortured mentally and physically from the age of six until she was thirteen by her older sister who had five distinct personalities.

How long can a child be tortured mentally and physically by a sibling and still not suffer permanent psychological damage? Patra will tell you an entire childhood. By the age of six, Patra realized there was something drastically wrong with her sister, Angela. Angela, not knowingly, could switch from one personality to another in a matter of seconds. Not only was there a mental change, but there was also a physical change...

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My Five Sisters: Based on a Real-Life Story of Sibling Abuse

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Pam Franklin

“Most people can overcome the trauma of abuse and transform their life to what they want it to be.”

Pam Franklin spent a lifetime trying to escape her past. Pam was born and raised in and around Jackson, Mississippi where she spent most of her life. At sixty-five years old, she decided to embrace her early childhood and write it down in a journal. The process was so cleansing she wanted to share her story with other people who had lived through the same type of abuse she had endured at the hand of her mentally unstable older sister.

"Please join me in my efforts to eliminate sibling abuse and childhood bullying. Read My Five Sisters and enter into the discussion. Together we will make a difference…"

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My Five Sisters is captivating. A must read for anyone who's life has been touched by mental illness or abuse. An intimate portrayal of a little girl that survived the unimaginable. Pam Franklin has written a truly remarkable book. Bottom line, I couldn't put it down.”

—Anthony D. Flores, Author of Lazarus Rising

Sibling Abuse

Many of us have vivid memories of typical sibling rivalry: tugging over treasured stuffed animals; arguing about whose turn it is to wash dishes...


Pam is available to discuss: What Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) is – and what can be done to prevent, recognize, and treat it...


Articles Published: When Sibling Rivalry Goes Too Far: Dealing With Sibling Bullying (1046 newspaper publications posted online and 31 posted it in print)...


Patra age 3

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    Many of us have vivid memories of typical sibling rivalry: tugging over treasured stuffed animals; arguing about whose turn it is to wash dishes; impulsively yelling mean words; crying over hurt feelings; vying for the favored place among our parents. Those of us who complained to our parents were often met with a dismissive wave […]

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