Those of us who work with children and teenagers would be wise to take this book to heart. We don’t know what each of them deals with every day. This book will stay in my mind for a long time.” ~ Mary Grace Murphy, Retired Middle School Teacher and Author of the Noshes Up North Culinary Mystery series

“Powerfully written, Pam Franklin’s story of sibling abuse demonstrates how one can come through Hell and yet create a productive adult life.” ~ Dr. Bonnie Nussbaum, Licensed Psychologist and Holistic Coach

“A sad, tragic tale of growing up in the South during the 50s, a childhood of abuse, fear and insecurity as seen through the eyes of the child and the strength to not only survive but ultimately achieve great success and happiness in life. A compelling message of hope for lives that have been touched by mental illness.” ~ Robin Klamfoth, Film Journal International

“Pam Franklin’s book, My Five Sisters, is written from the point of view of a young girl in a family tortured by abuse and untreated mental illness. Each of these circumstances, individually, can destroy a person and a family. Together, they are devastating. The significance of Ms. Franklin’s touching story shows that traumas can bleed across generations. In her search for treatment and resolution, her story serves not only as a depiction of life inside a family’s chaos (a kind of chaos that too many families must live through), but also as an example of how one person can survive, seek help, and stop the cycle of intergenerational trauma.” ~ Charles McDaniel, MD, Assistant Clinical Professor, Department of Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences, UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine

“My Five Sisters is a story about sibling abuse but is also a story about overcoming fear and hatred and using your childhood to build character and a productive life. God never promised we would not face evil, but he did promise us, with his help we could overcome it.” ~ Reverend James D. Milner

“Pam Franklin relates through her true story how it is to live in such a family as a young sibling of someone suffering from multiple personality disorder; to lead a life of abuse yet at the same time be frightened to speak for fear of disfavor and abandonment… My Five Sisters is a story of tremendous valor and hope amidst untold adversity. A must read.” ~ Simi K. Rao, Physician and Best-Selling Author of The Accidental Wife

“A story of the trauma of abuse and the devastation it leaves in its wake Heartfelt and wonderfully written. An excellent depiction of the tragedy of multiple personality disorder.” ~ Diamante Lavendar, Author of Breaking the Silence

My Five Sisters is captivating. A must read for anyone who’s life has been touched by mental illness or abuse. An intimate portrayal of a little girl that survived the unimaginable. Pam Franklin has written a truly remarkable book. Bottom line, I couldn’t put it down.” ~ Anthony D. Flores, Author of Lazarus Rising

“Pam Franklin is a brave and resilient soul whose story, as painful as it must have been to tell, will undoubtedly touch the heart and mind of any kind being who takes the journey in reading it. And more hopefully, this journey will be taken by many kind beings who will become the wiser for it and share their knowledge.” ~ Donna King-Nykolaycuyk, Author of Stand Like a Man The Story of Duke “The Indian”

“Riveting! To say that Patra came from a dysfunctional family is too mild a term. This child grew up suffering severe physical and mental abuse from her sister. She, alone, knew of the different personalities living within her sister, Angela. I’ve been a nurse for 45 years and seen all kinds of physical and mental illness, but have never encountered a case
of MPD. Pam Franklin is a brave woman who conquered her childhood abuse, and, with therapy, managed to live a rewarding life.”
~ Helen Osterman, Author of the Emma Winberry Mystery Series

“Pam Franklin’s descriptive writing keeps you spellbound and wanting more. Her story, My Five Sisters, will haunt you and educate you on the great mystery that is mental illness.”
~ Annie Hansen, Author of the Kelly Clark Mystery Series